Posted by Co2sceptic on Sep 3rd 2012
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...If CO2 is such a powerful greenhouse gas and the major driver of global temperature as alleged, why does it stop rising? According to AGW hypothesis, CO2 should cause temperature to rise which would produce more water vapor (a strong greenhouse gas), and lead to an enhanced or runaway greenhouse effect which would cause even more carbon dioxide to exsolve from the ocean. But something seems to curtail each rise in carbon dioxide. The cited paper suggests that both temperature and atmospheric CO2 content is controlled by sun-driven decadal ocean cycle oscillations. If there is some influence from human carbon dioxide emissions, it is too small to be detected in the study.

For some additional perspective, I show a table above, constructed by a geologist several years ago, which shows the relative contributions to the greenhouse effect. That estimate concludes that total human contribution is just 0.28%. If that estimate is anywhere near reality, it helps explain why the researchers in the first paper cited above found “changes in atmospheric CO2 are not tracking changes in human emissions.”

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