Posted by Co2sceptic on Sep 4th 2012
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To Matt Peterson, Huffpostgreen, and Chris Matthews,

Your article on sea level rise contains ridiculous predictions.

Based on the present rate of sea level rise, which even your article pegs at about 2 millimeters per year, the rise for the next century would only be about 8 inches, not three feet! Statements that it is accelerating are pure nonsense. Worldwide, there has been no warming in the last 14 years. Only in the United States have we had a warm year so far after a very cold winter two years ago.

At the same time the Arctic regions have been colder than normal for the past 12 months. The Southern hemisphere has also had no warming. The major icecaps are not melting and the South Pole ice is getting thicker..

This all adds up to no acceleration of sea level rise. No one knows whether our climate will get warmer or colder in the next century. This will be governed by the sun and the ocean oscillations.

James Macdonald, retired meteorologist

Original article:

Sea Level Rise, It's Real and No Joke (VIDEO) - Matt Peterson -

Guess it needs to be said: rising seas due to global warming is real, and no damn joke. And, we can do something about it, while creating a greener, cleaner economy.

In fact, one of the best ways to help our families in the United States, and around the world -- particularly the most vulnerable and poor -- is to heal the damage we have done to our home, Earth, and slow sea level rise by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Create more resilient cities, and a greener economy. Not to mention protect some of the most valuable real estate in the United States, including Wall Street.

Below is a 60 second PSA Global Green did last year on sea level rise, entitled I AM. Our goal in enlisting notable individuals to shine a light on the science was to educate Americans, as well as encourage our leaders to act to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and invest in clean, green technologies (including energy efficiency and solar power).

Just because the PSA includes Modern Family's Ed O'Neil, it's still no damn joke -- the science is real and, sadly, coming to a coastal city near you:

"I AM" Sea Level Rise PSA from Global Green USA

The science is clear and overwhelming:

Here are more facts on sea level rise, and a list of vulnerable cities.

Here's a page that includes a link to animations of what varying levels of sea level rise stands to make many coastal cities look like, including New York.

Here's a good post by blogger David Roberts on sea level rise.

Bottom line: to help our families now and in the future, we have to stop treating our atmosphere like a sewer.

Its time to get back to working hard with cities and states -- and getting leaders in Washington to do the same -- to increasing energy efficiency, solar and other ways to create a greener economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

And, we can all take individual action, reclaim our role as citizens, and become a nation of citizen entrepreneurs to each take responsibility for a corner of our world.

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