Posted by Co2sceptic on Oct 3rd 2012
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I came across this Royal Society of Chemistry competition recently (from June 2012), and it took me by complete surprise, in as much, I have supported the theory of CO2 increase due to the Oceans warming. But it never has occurred to me that in doing so there may be more ice as a result of less CO2 in the Ocean. Time will tell if I am correct on this, but as of today, and at the end of Summer in the Arctic, the warmer currents may have released more CO2 (inc. water vapour) from the ocean and in doing so, bring MORE ICE NOT LESS (and even MORE SNOW)...more to follow.....meanwhile take a look at this from the RSC.

RSC offers £1000 for explanation of an unsolved legendary phenomenon -

Why does hot water freeze faster than cold water?

It seems a simple enough question - yet it has baffled the best brains for at least 2,300 years.

•Aristotle agonized over it fruitlessly in the fourth century BC
•Roger Bacon in the 13th century used it to advocate the scientific method in his book Opus Majus
•Another Bacon, Francis, wrote in his 1620 Novum Organum, that "slightly tepid water freezes more easily than that which is utterly cold" but could not explain why
•Descartes was defeated by it in the 17th century AD
•Even perplexed 20th and 21st century scientists and intellectuals have swarmed over it without result

Now the Royal Society of Chemistry is offering £1000 to the person or team producing the best and most creative explanation of the phenomenon, known today as The Mpemba Effect.

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