Posted by Co2sceptic on Oct 15th 2012
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‘Warmest year’ looking more likely for 2012 across continental US – U.S. News:January-September was already the warmest first nine months, according to temperature data released Tuesday by the National Climatic Data Center. Moreover, six of eight scenarios charted by the center have 2012 ending warmer than any other year in records that go back to 1895. The only scenarios where that would not happen are if the last quarter is among the 10 coldest on record.

This is patently false, and a blatant destruction of American history. An apples to apples comparison shows that 2012 is definitely not the hottest year. The number of record maximums for stations with contiguous records going back to at least 1930, shows 2012 isn’t even in the top ten...SG

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