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It’s been an extraordinary week for PSI both in the news and behind the scenes. A dramatic twist in a high profile lawsuit, the publication of a new paper set to trigger a scientific paradigm shift, plus a membership surge bringing eminent scientists into the fold - including one Nobel Science Prize nominee.

The biggest media story concerns developments in the Climategate scandal involving disgraced Penn. State University researcher, Dr. Michael Mann and our very own chairman, Dr. Timothy Ball. It seems Ball is on the brink of a sensational courtroom victory over Mann, who first stole onto the world stage thanks to his ‘hockey stick’ graph trumpeted across the world in 2001 by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Mann’s graph was widely cited as the smoking gun proving catastrophic man-made global warming.

Temperatures boiled over when Ball fearlessly declared that Mann belongs “in the state pen, not Penn. State.” That quip incensed the thin-skinned Mann into filing a libel suit against Ball in the British Columbia Supreme Court, Canada.

Hard to believe that was almost 18 months ago! But now the tables have turned and last Friday Mann was exposed for the crime of perjury. It transpired that he lied when making sworn statements under oath that he was a co-winner of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize alongside former Vice President, Al Gore and the UN’s IPCC.

PSI’s ownTom Richard landed this incredible scoop after contacting the Nobel Committee about this last week. The Committee, in no uncertain terms, confirmed Mann had lied. According to legal analysts, Mann now faces the ignominy of not only having his U.S. and Canadian libel claims thrown out by the courts, but he also faces criminal prosecution for perjury and a full misconduct investigation by the US National Science Foundation.

Upon Mann’s ultimate demise Ball is hoping to use the opportunity to draw wider public attention to a crucial scientific breakthrough by PSI colleague, Joseph E. Postma. Postma’s latest peer-reviewed paper 'A Discussion on the Absence of a Measurable Greenhouse Effect' published this week is a comprehensive debunk of the fabled greenhouse gas theory, the scientific cornerstone of global warming fear mongering.

It’s no wonder that in the wake of these developments there has been a surge in interest in PSI. We’ve seen a sudden and most welcome influx of new members mainly from the Unified Physics Institute of Technology (UPITEC) and the Alpha Institute for Advanced Studies. No less than fourteen of the fresh recruits appear in 'Who's Who,’ with the most notable figure among them being Welshman Professor Myron Evans, a Nobel Science Prize nominee.

Professor Evans is a world leader in the search for a unified theory of physics after proposing the Einstein–Cartan–Evans theory. PSI researchers plan to assist Professor Evans and his colleagues in their endeavors in this field. So watch this space for more exciting developments.

John O’Sullivan, 1 November 2012

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