Posted by Co2sceptic on Dec 9th 2012
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With so much data around on how the world is heating up/down I thought I would have a go at using Historical TSI Reconstruction to produce "evidence" of "Man Made" Climate Change that also chages the output of the Sun!

We all know "Man Made" Climate Change is true, but how many of you know that the more there is of it the more it shows up in the Historical records of Total Solar Irradiance!

As you can see in the above chart, It MUST BE TRUE as the TSI lines follow the direction of "Man Made" CO2! All we need to do is spend Trillions more in research to prove "Man Made" CO2 changes the output of the Sun. If we can get grants or loans from Governments we may be able to do something about the output of the Sun next year at COP19, why did I not think about this before COP18:)

Click source for latest TSI Chart, and no, its not the same as my overlay!