Posted by Co2sceptic on Jan 10th 2013
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Our old friend the Telegraph blogger, one-trick wind farm whinger and Prospective Parliamentary less-than-entirely-Candidate for Corby, the far-Right-but-less-than-entirely-Honourable James Delingpole, has an article in the Mail.

The content is, at first glance, the same as his blogs, with the usual list of misrepresentations and fabrications, but this itself is misleading. This piece actually represents a complete reversal of James’s most deeply held beliefs. Whilst there was no obvious difference in his political opinions – climate change is a Marxist conspiracy organised by the Met Office on behalf of the BBC – there is a far more fundamental revision happening.

He still believes that Greenpeace is actually a long-term KGB sleeper cell dedicated to bringing about the new, communist world order. Billionaire climatologists are still sucking the national economy dry with their relentless and fraudulent demands for research grants, just as wind turbines suck electricity out of the national grid and are the greatest crime against humanity since the flood. (The original flood, that is – the recent floods were invented by the Met Office as part of their evil plot, and in fact ‘there has been nothing particularly abnormal about the recent rain’ as there were ‘two years, 1872 and 1768, wetter than the supposed record-breaking year of 2012’. In fact, the Met Office figures show that 2000 was wetter than 2012, but James is trying to prove that the UK is not getting wetter, and so ignores the actual record-breaking year due to its inconveniently recent occurrence). ‘Scientists’, environmentalists and most of all the shadowy power behind the throne, the BBC, remain the true face of evil in the world.

Of course, he had to tone it down a little to get it in print, but the conclusions of the piece are consistent with the conclusions of all of his blogs.

However, the latest piece, whilst reaching the same, inevitable conclusions, does so from an entirely new angle.

The Met Office Hadley Centre’s new computer model of our climate, HadGEM3, has produced some new decadal climate forecasts, which revised their previous forecast from a 0.54 degree rise over the 1971-2000 average, down to a 0.43 degree rise, these figures being the predicted average temperature anomaly of the next three years.

If you don’t feel you fully understand all that, don’t worry, neither did James, and he wisely omitted all of the details and numbers from his Mail piece and instead stated that the Met Office predictions showed that ‘no more global warming is expected till at least 2017’. This is wrong, of course, what the predictions actually say is that the current record-breaking maximum will become the average, but we don’t want to nit-pick, because the real story here is that James predicated an entire article on the new forecasts being correct. One and a half thousand valuable words, an entire page in the Mail’s print edition (even the Telegraph don’t normally allow him in the print edition), entirely based on the accuracy and reliability of the Met Office computer models. The same computer models he previously dismissed as ‘ropey’, ‘dodgy’, ‘pie-in-the-sky’ and ‘woefully inaccurate’.

Nothing in the piece would make any sense had James not immediately and unquestioningly accepted that HadGEM3 is telling us the truth, and presumably not by accident. In this article he crossed the Rubicon, turned his back on the dead-end deniers and embraced climate science.

O cruel, needless misunderstanding! O stubborn, self-willed exile from the loving breast! Two gin-scented tears trickled down the sides of his nose. But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother.

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