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The above is a snapshot of the expected weather in the UK as per forecast from the Met Office ( starting from Wednesday 16th January, issued on Monday 14th January.

Using their hi-tec website, this 3-5 day Met Office forecast indicates there is nothing to worry about, otherwise it would be coloured, and as you can see it's plain or if you like "un-shaded", indicting for the time of the year they expect "normal January weather", that is in contrast to the 1-2 day forecast I have posted below, it is shaded and includes a level 3 warning due to the below average cold weather and snow etc.

Those of you who have seen the forecast for this period, issued from by Piers Corbyn at the end of December (that's right, "end of December") would have noticed that Piers is expecting this period to be one of his highest solar ratings of the year, an R5+, and it takes place from Wednesday 16th and ends on the 18th*. Then allowing for one or two days for the Earth's climate to "process" this event (that's "cause and effect" to you and me) there should be a noticeable climatic change (NOT a "man made" one, but a "Solar Climate Change") in the UK and indeed around the world taking place by no later then Sunday 20th January.

I will include these Met Office daily charts until the last day (Sunday), they should start to change colour, maybe even "Red" as we progress through the week

Updated below with additional MUST READ comments by Piers Corbyn

As you can see from the above forecast, solar events are NOT processed as a variable by the Met Office as they would have put up some sort of warning for the next few days. These solar events, as they say, are not on their radar. And there lies the argument that has frustrated the industry for so long, how does the Earth's climate mechanism work in conjunction with the output of the Sun?

The first problem is, when is there expected to be such an event on the Sun so it can be monitored with changes to the Earth's climate. Well, as far as I know those who do know are ignored in this respect, and sadly Piers Corbyn is one of them

So, how can we progress with this issue to try and measure the influence of solar activity on the climate. We know it exists as we have had nearly 50 years of extra solar activity starting from the 1950's that gave us a warmer "climate change", we can see from the result of this how confused the industry has become, as a warmer "climate change" has been confused with an increase of co2 levels.

I have read as much as I want to read at so called scientific blogs like Anthony Watts website WUWT, and all they talk about is theory, well here is a fantastic opportunity for us to study the result from some "practice".

There IS something very special going on this week in the way the Sun will make changes to the Earth's climate, so for the sake of argument, lets call it a "live experiment" between Astrophysics and Meteorology.

Who knows about it.... nobody.... Do the Met Office want to know about it?.....No........Do scientific blogs like Anthony Watts WUWT want to know about it?........No

And the reason they don't want to's never been done before so it cant be true....and it's....a.... "Transcendent Rant and way out there theory" .....

Please follow the events this week and see for yourself if Piers Corbyn has found a way to identify these major Solar periods that make changes to our climate....

I hope we all learn something very important by the end of the week as a result of this forecast, even if Anthony Watts still decides it's nothing more then a Transcendent Rant and way out there theory ...end of rant, but NOT the end of the Theory

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Current two day UK forecast from the Met Office, issued Monday 14th January

*On my first draft I originally entered the Period as 16 - 17th January in error, the actual solar event is during the 16-18th and then the climatic event or "Solar Climate Change" is upto the 20th, sorry for any confusion.