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Image AttachmentFreezing weather gradually eases in the UK, Met Office 23rd January - Met Office forecasters are predicting that the cold weather will continue until the weekend, with some very cold nights in store.

Met Office Severe Weather Warnings have been issued for the ice and snow. Yellow warnings are in place across parts of the UK, and the public are advised to keep up to date with the latest forecasts and warnings and plan ahead if they are travelling. Met Office weather warnings help you plan, prepare and protect yourself and others from the impacts of severe weather.

Paul Gundersen, Met Office Chief Forecaster, said: "The weather will stay very cold, but mostly dry through the rest of the week with severe frosts and patchy fog at night continuing to make it very icy.

"Everyone should continue to be aware of severe weather over the next few days and should plan ahead to take account of possible travel delays or disruption."

Darron Burness, the AA's Head of Special Operations, says: "With freezing conditions set to continue till the weekend, ice is going to be the biggest ongoing hazard over the next few days. Even if your car's thermometer shows the air temperature above freezing, bear in mind that the ground takes longer to thaw out, so ice is still a risk. Wherever you're travelling this week, stick to the gritted main roads where possible and check the Met Office weather alerts and traffic reports before departing."

See below latest forecast issued one day later (24th January): Now Updated with NEW Met Office forecast and an out of date Media report issued TODAY!

On Friday many places, especially the north and east of the UK, can expect to see further snow falls and icy conditions. However, there are signs that the cold air over Britain will finally be replaced by milder air from the Atlantic as we go through the weekend. This change will introduce outbreaks of rain and strong winds but also some drier brighter conditions at times.

With the resulting combination of a thaw of lying snow and the risk of heavy rain there is inevitably an increased risk of flooding in some areas. The Met Office and Environment Agency are monitoring the situation very closely and we would advise everyone to stay up to date with the latest weather forecasts, severe weather warnings, and flood warnings.

By thinking ahead we can all be better prepared for severe weather. Throughout the winter, the Met Office works with agencies across the UK to help keep the country safe, well and on the move.

30 day Met Office forecast:


A band of rain, heavy in the west will edge slowly east turning to snow. Some significant snowfall is likely across central and northern parts of the UK. Strengthening winds.

Updated: 0317 on Thu 24 Jan 2013

Outlook for Saturday to Monday:

Becoming less cold. Saturday, drier for a time before further wet and very windy weather spreads into western parts later and into Sunday. Brighter later Sunday and Monday with showers.

Updated: 0317 on Thu 24 Jan 2013

UK Outlook for Tuesday 29 Jan 2013 to Thursday 7 Feb 2013:

Rather unsettled throughout much of this period, with spells of rain, and occasional hill snow in the north, interspersed with clearer, showery interludes, for many areas. The heaviest, and most prolonged spells of rain will tend to be in the west, with the best of any drier, brighter weather towards the east. It will also be windy at times, with a risk of gales, especially in the north, perhaps even severe gales in the far west and northwest. Generally mild at first, then temperatures falling close to the seasonal average in many parts, although it will often feel cold in the wind and rain. However, southern areas could remain on the mild side, with overnight frost mainly confined to inland shelter.

Updated: 1140 on Thu 24 Jan 2013

UK Outlook for Thursday 7 Feb 2013 to Thursday 21 Feb 2013:

There is greater than average uncertainty throughout this period. The most likely scenario is for conditions at the start of this period to be less cold than at the moment but also on the unsettled side. In terms of rain and snowfall, southern parts in particular will probably start wetter than average, but trend to nearer normal by mid-month, while the north will probably see drier than average conditions for much of the period. Temperatures for the rest of this period are not expected to be far from the seasonal norm.

Updated: 1228 on Wed 23 Jan 2013

The Latest forecast from the Met Office issued on 24th Jaunuary seems to suggest the bad weather is set to continue a bit longer then a few days and there is no real sign of warming afterall

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Above image taken from the Met Office site midday 24th January 2013


Latest forecast issued Friday 24th 13:00

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Latest Media report from the Daily Mail, look as if they have not got the recent changes from the Met Office as they still carry the old "it's getting warmer" information

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Flood warnings have been issued across the UK as snow and ice starts to melt and forecasters warn of heavy rain sweeping the country at the weekend.

Ice warnings are also in place across much of Britain today as snowfall continues to cause disruption on the roads.

Temperatures are set to increase from below freezing to as warm as 9C at the weekend after the last of the snowfall heads north tomorrow.

But as the snow subsides, forecasters are predicting heavy rain and warn the milder temperatures will thaw the snow, causing flooding in parts of the country by the end of the weekend.

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