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Click source for MUST SEE VIDEO LINK at the BBC (Sunday Politics - London edition) and Fast Forward 0:51:30

Piers Corbyn opens the debate at WeatherAction but sadly was not invited back to the BBC studio for more.

Boris Johnson also did not take part in the debate but his environment representative had some interesting points made regarding finance.

The BBC tried to force the issue regarding how important climate change was, but then did not acknowledge there had not been any warming for 16 years!

The link for the Boris Johnson article

See below for comments from Piers Corbyn

Comments from Piers Corbyn

BBC and commentators failed totally to respond to Piers' point that there is no evidence in the real world for CO2 claims and instead flew to promoting their CO2 religion.

"It's obvious why they refused to have me in the studio!" said Piers."They fled from the fact the whole CO2 story is fraud and put forward distortions and lies to shore up their delusional sect:-

1. Boris article was very clear he was writing about the last 5 years ie winters 08/09 to 12/13, yet BBC dishonestly said he was wrong because 07/08 was mild. His point was winters are getting colder.

2. The BBC claim handouts for roof etc home insulation is a gain for taxpayers is a LIE. These and other subsidies are paid for by all taxpayers through tax and energy bills. The insulation scheme is theft from those of the public who live in flats who cannot use the schemes and together with all other delusional green schemes (wind farms - paryer wheels, solar power etc). The green game is robbery of the public.

3. Matthew Pencharz's (Mayor's Environment Adviser) defence of Boris was pretty dithery and his defence of CO2 policy by the so-called Precautionary Principle was stupid because proper application of such means politicians should also listen to the dangers of the (maybe, they think) coming Mini Ice Age. There is no evidence for CO2/warming dangers and very strong evidence for dangerous world cooling and a coming mini-ice age. (Aka Little Ice Age). Amen."

Click source for MUST SEE VIDEO LINK (this will expire within seven days)