Posted by Co2sceptic on Feb 8th 2013
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I noticed that the Proton Flux chart has taken an upturn today and although not as dramatic as some of the ones I have shown in the past, the Solar flare and location of the coronal hole from yesterday has certainly had it's influence on this.

This report from New England readies for historic storm, could well be the "Solar Climate Change" I was looking for to show a solar effect.

Ryan Maue (Major Nor'easter almost 100 knots at 900-hPa around equivalent Category 2 (but it's obviously not tropical))has mentioned that this storm has a lot of potential in respect of it's strength.

At the same time this event is occurring in the USA, there may well be a relocation of the Jet Stream in Western Europe over the weekend, giving a return to a milder flow of air to the UK in the next few days, as per the WeatherAction forecast for February.

This is another difficult call for Piers Corbyn to make, as there is a critical temperature for snow to fall, currently there would seem to be milder conditions edging into the West of England that would indicate rain instead of snow but it's not clear if in fact the Jet Stream will continue to ride further North and East at this stage, if it remains in the West then there will be snow in the North and East of the UK just as the Met Office have indicated. As you would expect Piers Corbyn and the Met Office differ on this weather scenario......stay tuned for more