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The further warnings WeatherAction issued to subscribers on Feb 8th of enhanced extreme blizzards and snow events both sides of Atlantic 13-17th Feb is repeated and made available to public via by Agreement:
=> Britain+Ireland and Europe> USA (similar to special pdf to USA subscribers)
There will be snow-blizzard extreme events in N/ NE USA  ~12/13-16/17th and these will be more extreme than standard forecasts from one day ahead.

In particular there will be more thundersnow and extreme local winds and snow-drifting. It will be largely colder than the 8-9Feb event.
The areas will not be quite the same as for 8-9Feb but where they overlap snow amounts may be similar. However snow amounts in the worst hit parts for 8-9th are unlikely to be exceeded because they depended on collision of differing air masses which ensured very large precipitation even though the solar factor was R3 rather than R5 coming (see article below). There is not such collision in this case but there will be plenty of Lake effect snow and the R5 will enhance snow amounts.

Blizzarded stuck!

A snow jam of cars

Feb 10/11th "The ~Feb9th Blizzard NE USA - Evidence of the Solar-Lunar driver of weather and climate and the start of the new Mini Ice Age; NOTHING TO DO WITH CO2 -  Current Weather Commentary.

The otherwise good BBC coverage of the dramatic blizzard in NE USA, especially Boston, was spoiled by the pathetic delusional warmist cross Atlantic bleating - begging - by the BBC commentator interviewing a blizzard victim "Oh Isn't THIS Unusual? How unusual? (Reply 'We are used to them, they have happened quite often before'); Oh yes but THIS one IS EXTREME isn't? (or words to that effect)  (Reply er Yes It's a lot of snow here). Now here we see the weasly CO2 sect game: Go to the worst affected part of any weather event and twist someones arm to say its extreme (for me) and thereby bolster the oft repeated (Goebbels rules) lie elsewhere on BBC that ALL weather extremes are getting more extreme and it's all caused by CO2.

The ACTUAL FACTS AND IMPLICATIONS of the USA NE blizzard of Feb 8-9th are revealing and important.

1. Such USA NE blizzards happen regularly and come in cycles explained by Piers Corbyn's Solar-Lunar  weather and climate driver theory.
Joe Bastardi the USA's top Met Model Monitor and weather wise guy shows a list of the ten most similar world pressure patterns to Feb8-9th 2013 on record and notes 5 of them were in the 1950's. The average date 1954 is 59 years ago and thereby in line with SLAT theory of Solar-magnetic and lunar nodal beat periods of ~59yrs (for sunspot cycle 11.05 yrs). NB we notice the NE blizzards of 2010-2011 (eg Boxing Day 2010 and 31 jan/1Feb simultaneous with TC Yasi Queensland) are not on the list, although similar they maybe were in a different world pattern: 

2. THIS was nevertheless extreme as such blizzards go and that supports the expectation of more extreme extremes as the world moves into a new Mini Ice Age (aka Little Ice Age) .

This event was similar in terms of colliding Low pressure systems (mild wet coming from Gulf moving NE meeting COLD system from W/NW) to Hurricane Sandy which in turn was half similar to Irene which did not meet a (cold) Low from W/NW. The possibility for such collisions increases as the jet stream thrashes about more and more when it is further South in a generally colder climate as in Mini (aka Little) Ice Ages.

3. The implications are:
(i) There will be more of these extreme blizzards in NE USA in coming 7 years (SLAT ~60yr cycle)
(ii) They will be generally MORE NUMEROUS AND EVEN MORE EXTREME than those of ~60 years ago (due to start of mini ice age)

(iii) There will be more Hurricane Sandy type very destructive storms (summer and Autumn events) hitting NE USA coast in the coming decade or two (due to start and developing mini ice age and resulting jet streanm meanders)

(iv) These events (and related such as Irene) and corresponding events on sun will increasingly be predicted by Piers Corbyn's Solar Lunar Action Technique

(v) They are nothing to do with CO2 but as long as the deluded CO2 warmist sect remains un-destroyed the New York Times and BBC and Governments of USA and UK will continue to fail to give solar-based long range warnings (of USA or related UK events) to the public and will contune to put defence of the warmist delusion before protecting the lives and well-being of citizens. Need You!