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Image AttachmentI've written to many of the people whose behaviours, opinions and/or claims are discussed in this report and whose core claim is that human CO2 caused Earth's latest modest cyclic global atmospheric warming that ended in 1998. Most have responded. All have failed to provide empirical scientific evidence and logical scientific reasoning for the basis of their core claim. All seemed reluctant to address my questions adequately. They failed to meet my reasonable need for integrity, reassurance and understanding.

This document is part of, and intended to be read in conjunction with, all parts of and appendices to the document entitled CSIROh! Appendices are available at URL links provided electronically within the report.

This document and its appendices are provided in good faith and without malice or ill will. They are part of an open and continuing public and political debate about a challenging topic of public and political interest and controversy and with serious and important adverse consequences affecting all Australians. It’s of declared interest to Steve Austin and to federal politicians. It analysis public claims made primarily by advocates in public functions funded by government using the public purse.

To the best of my knowledge, my work is substantially true, correct and fair. My report is based on five years’ voluntary research and investigation to protect my family and taxpayers affected by serious issues raised in this report and appendices as a result of activities and claims of people funded by taxpayers. It’s based on facts and is contextually true.

As noted in my declaration of personal interests (Appendix 1c) my personal aims include restoring scientific integrity. It has slipped as the reputations of many involved in public climate discussions were eroded by their contradiction of Nature and/or of their previous statements. Some academics funded by government have placed themselves in a position of public ridicule.

Copies of this report are being sent to Australians whose actions and claims are discussed herein with opportunity for them to identify, specify and justify any claimed material errors and to provide supporting evidence for claimed errors. I express my regret for any substantial material errors within this report that aims to be comprehensive and accurate in the interests of all Australians.

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