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New 4,000-year temperature reconstruction debunked -- 'Check out the Greenland ice core for the relevant period of time' - -- 'As can be plainly seen, modern warming isn't even close to the 'highest' in past 4,000 years'

Also: See below report from Marc Morano at

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New Study claiming global temps highest in 4000 years, contradicted by previous studies -- Media touted study based on 'reconstructed data' from only 73 data sites -

Global warming activists and media outlets are hyping a new study published in Science that claims the Earth is experiencing unprecedented temperatures. See: New York Times: Global Temperatures Highest in 4,000 Years & Associated Press:


But the new media touted study is "based on 'reconstructed data' from 73 data sites, pretended to cover space-time of 196 million sq. mi. and 11,300 years"

Another way to view the same claims are as follows: Earth Cooler Today Than 28% of the Past 11,300 Years: 'This is a paper that was bound to cause lurid headlines along lines that Earth is warming faster than at any time during past 11,000 years'

The new study is also counter to a preponderance of existing peer-reviewed studies showing the Medieval Warm Period and the Roman Warming were both as warm or warmer than today without benefit of modern emissions or SUVs.

Penn State Professor Michael Mann has made similar claims of modern temperatures being the warmest, but such "Hockey Stick" temperature claims have been demolished in the scientific literature.

The latest research clearly reveals that the Medieval Warm Period (used to be referred to as the Medieval Climate Optimum) has been verified and was in fact global, not just confined to the Northern Hemisphere. The Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change reported in 2009 that the “Medieval Warm Period was: (1) global in extent, (2) at least as warm as, but likely even warmer than, the Current Warm Period, and (3) of a duration significantly longer than that of the Current Warm Period to date.”

In addition, The Science and Public Policy Institute reported in May 2009: “More than 700 scientists from 400 institutions in 40 countries have contributed peer-reviewed papers providing evidence that the Medieval Warm Period (MWP) was real, global, and warmer than the present. And the numbers grow larger daily.”

Climate Depot has assembled a small sampling of peer-reviewed studies, data and analyses that refute Michael Mann's Hockey Stick temperature claims of unprecedented 20th century warmth.
See: Medieval Warm Period Round Up of Peer-Reviewed Studies & analyses
A 'simple visual comparison suggests that their 'unprecedented' claim for the 1500 years BP is unlikely to hold up when examined against other reconstructions' -- Analysis of new paper claiming 'unprecedented' modern temps: Marcott et al claim of 'unprecedented' warming compared to GISP ice core data

NSIDC: Arctic Was Ice Free In The Past -- 'The latest hockey stick shows that current warming is unprecedented. Dr. Walt Meier from NSIDC says something different' -- Dr. Walt Meier in 2008: 'The current Greenland warming, while not yet quite matching the temperatures of 70 years ago'

Analysis: 'The new hockey stick shows temperatures 10,000 years ago within 0.1C of the Holocene Maximum. This is nonsensical and impossible' above link for more.