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Is CO2 the main driver behind climate?

Warmist scientists would have us believe it is. One recent European study claims that CO2 and temperature rose simultaneously at the end of the last ice age, implying CO2 is a real driver. However, one prominent German meteorologist dismissed it and bluntly called the Laboratoire de Glaciologie et Géophysique de l’Environnement study by Parrenin et al ”the latest gag“.

Now yet another new study published at Quaternary Science Reviews shows in no uncertain terms that the sun, the source of almost all of the Earth’s thermal energy, drives the climate and that the climate naturally swings in cycles.

The paper looks at the relationship between climatic variations, vegetation dynamics and early human activity between c. 4150–2860 BC reconstructed from a high-resolution pollen and geochemical record obtained from a small lake located in County Sligo, Ireland.

The study shows that human activity responded to changing climate conditions over the period. No surprise there. For example the abstract writes: “A nearly century-long climatic amelioration between c. 3460–3370 BC facilitated a revival of human activity on a small scale around the lake. Abandonment of the area and full woodland recovery occurred after a period of particularly wet and cool conditions ranging from c. 3360–3290 BC.”

Over the period that was studied, the climate in the region fluctuated between cool/wet periods and warmer/drier periods, each having an impact on human activity. Scientists found greater activity during warm periods.

3990 BC episode of increased rainfall
3970 – 3820 BC: period of warming and drying.
3830 – 3800 BC: episode of high precipitation
3740 – 3630 BC: dry, Templevanny Lough lowest level during Neolithic.
3670 – 3460 BC: wetter, cooler conditions, substantial rainfall
3460 – 3370 BC: warmer, drier
3360 – 3290 BC: particularly wet and cool
3110 – 3050 BC: warmer, drier
3060 – 3030 BC: high rainfall
2940 – 2900 BC: high rainfall

The study reveals that the periods of climatic fluctuation were not isolated to just Ireland, but indeed are “in agreement with those of moisture/precipitation and temperature reconstructions from northern and western Europe and the Alps, suggesting that the studied period was characterised by a high-frequency climate variability“.

More importantly, what exactly was behind these climatic fluctuations? Human activity? Not at all. The scientists write:

These climatic shifts correspond to variations in solar activity, suggesting a solar forcing on climate.

Oh my, who would have ever thought it? After all, there are only hundreds of other similar studies from all over the world showing precisely the same thing.

CO2 is driving nothing

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