Posted by Co2sceptic on Mar 13th 2013
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The above "Red Warning" chart from Piers Corbyn indicates that the next few days are classified as a high ranking "R4" Period but unlike other months this period has a lesser "QV3" category.

The preceding period "R3" for the 7th - 9th March was given a higher "QV" rating of "QV5" and had a corresponding M6.5 Earthquake. On this occasion I was unable to locate a solar flare that coincided with this event.

The impact of this high ranking period is for extreme "weather" events rather then those that relate for Volcano's and Earthquakes.....more to follow.

MAGNETIC ERUPTION ON MARCH 12th - A magnetic filament in the sun's northern hemisphere erupted today, March 12th, around 1107 UT..The source of the explosion was active region AR1690 on the sun's central meridian. Although AR1690 is almost directly facing our planet, debris from the blast might miss Earth. A CME emerging from the blast site appears to be heading mostly north of the sun-Earth link for more