Posted by Co2sceptic on Mar 13th 2013
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Just a week ago Roger Harrabin mentioned a report from the Environment Agency about the UK having to adapt to more wet and dry extremes and I mentioned at the time that the real reason behind this weather scenario was down to the location of the Jet stream, something non of us have any control over. The location of the Jet Stream was somehow missing in this report as being key to these changes last year and yet it was mentioned several times in the media.

What is actually taking place with our climate are changes on the Sun (in this respect the reduction of Sunspots) and has nothing to do with co2 or the results of "man made" pollution. History has shown before that long periods of a calm Sun shift weather patterns i.e changes are made to the location of the Jet Stream

The above video from the BBC shows the current climate change being related to the Jet Stream and yet last week it was down to or suggested it was the result of "man made climate change", who knows what next week will be the result source for must see video from Matt Taylor and the BBC, this video may be taken off the screen soon so look at it ASAP