Posted by Co2sceptic on Mar 19th 2013
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The Goldfields supercell. Picture: Walter Ford

On Sunday I posted news of a Magnetic Filament Eruption (15th March) for the Piers Corbyn "R4" Period for period 13th - 16th March, and as regular followers of this topic would know, I then try and hunt down a rare weather event to tie in with these solar events.

I know think I have located a story from Australia that ticks all/most of the boxes for such an event....

Rare glimpse of spectacular supercell -

Swirling winds, a lack of rain and a stunning lightning show made for a spectacular sight as a supercell formed over the Goldfields on Sunday.

Kalgoorlie-Boulder meteorological station manager Steven Black said the cloud formation was an "excellent example of a low precipitation supercell".

"Supercells such as these form over dry arid areas and are noticeable due to the circular shape of the lower part of the cloud," Mr Black said.

"The shape comes from the presence of a mesocyclone, which is essentially a little vortex with the air moving around in circles and upwards.

"What made this cloud so spectacular was there was very little rain and made it very easy to view." for more