Posted by Co2sceptic on Apr 2nd 2013
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In the past we have had some strange activity on the Surface of the Sun that has gone under the "coincidence" is another story from SpaceWeather....BTW my favourite "coincidence" story was from 2011, do you remember - Comet Dive-Bombs Sun During Big Solar Eruption - A comet plunged into the sun this week just as a huge eruption exploded from the star's surface, but the two events are likely not related, NASA scientists say..... source link for Video... Not every eruption requires a sunspot. On April 1st, a magnetic filament snaking some 800,000 km around the sun's north pole rose up and erupted, hurling part of itself into space. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) recorded the event [click source for Video]

Watch the movie again and pay attention to the southern hemisphere. Another filament erupted there in apparent sympathy with events in the north. Coincidence? Probably not. Invisible threads of magnetism connect widely separated parts of the sun, so an explosion in one place can trigger another explosion very far away. SDO has observed many such chain reactions--the iconic example being the global eruption of August 2010.
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