Posted by Co2sceptic on Apr 2nd 2013
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Above image taken from mystery going on here, unless your not familiar with the location of the UK, the big RED area to the South of the UK is the Jet Stream!..... position of the jet stream is being blamed for the UK's unseasonable cold snap which is due to last another week at least.

As Britain leaves behind what looks to have been the coldest March for more than 50 years, forecasters are warning it will stay cold for another week at least.

Meteorologists are blaming the bad weather on the position of the jet stream, a narrow band of very strong winds which tends to move from west to east across the Atlantic, bringing our weather systems with it.

Sky News weather presenter Isobel Lang said: "The jet stream is currently displaced well to the south of its usual position across the north Atlantic and Europe, located across the Azores, Spain and the Mediterranean.

"So the UK will remain stuck in the cold air to the north and it's set to stay cold for at least another week.

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