Posted by Co2sceptic on Apr 4th 2013
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A very cringeworthy YouTube from a group of AGW supporters....its over an hour long and something to look at when you feel like cutting your toe nails! Listen to the confusion about how much sea level will rise by 2050. It is of interest in as much the group draw spurious conclusions and feed off each other to keep their AGW belief system going. The frightening thing for me is that these type of debates are common....mind you don't cut your toe nails too short!

A NASA Hangout on Rising Seas and Global Warming by Andrew C. Revkin

Earlier today, I participated in a NASA Google+ Hangout on Air on these questions and more:

How much and how fast will sea level rise in the coming decades? What makes sea level rise hard to predict? Who will be affected?You can watch it above.
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