Posted by Co2sceptic on Apr 9th 2013
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The above chart taken from today may be an indication that the First April (9th - 12th) "R4" period, highlighted by Piers Corbyn at the start of this month is now underway.

The following report from confirms a very large area of the Sun has become active...more to follow

FAST-GROWING SUNSPOT: Solar activity is low, but a fast-growing sunspot could break the spell of quiet. AR1718 has more than doubled in size during the past 48 hours as shown in this movie from the Solar Dynamics Observatory [Click source link for Video]. The magnetic field of AR1718 is rapidly changing and therefore prone to instabilities. If it criss-crosses and reconnects--bang! A solar flare could occur. Because of the sunspot's central location on the solar disk, any eruptions would be Earth-directed.

Tropical Cyclone Imelda -

Forecasters with the JTWC as well as the Tropical Cyclone Centre of La Reunion called for further strengthening, culminating in at least Category 2 hurricane equivalent status by source for more.

See below latest...M6.3 Earthquake hits Iran

Quake hits near Iran's nuclear city Bushehr, four dead -

(Reuters) - A powerful earthquake killed four people in southern Iran on Tuesday close to the country's only nuclear power station, state television and agencies reported.

A Red Cross official said two villages had been heavily damaged by the magnitude 6.3 quake but the Russian company that built the Bushehr plant said the reactor was source for more

News report from SolarHam:

Updated 04/08/2013 @ 14:30 UTC

1719 and Filament

Below is a brand new image by SDO using the 304 angstroms channel showing Sunspot 1719 in the northeast quadrant. Parked right beside the active region is a solar filament that is currently magnetically anchored in place. Should any part of 1719 flare, this could also lead to the eruption of this particular filament. This is something to keep an eye on over the next 24 hours.

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Filament Erupted: The filament I mentioned above erupted this morning shortly after the initial post [VIDEO]. So far it looks like a majority of the plasma cloud did not escapte the Sun. A Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) is unlikely.

Updated 04/09/2013 @ 10:40 UTC

Solar Update

Good morning. Solar activity is currently at low levels. The solar X-Ray background levels are creeping towards the B9/C1 Level. Most of the activity within the past 12 hours has been centered around Sunspots 1713 and 1718. Sunspot 1718 produced a minor C2.2 solar flare at 07:24 UTC. Sunspot 1713 is making its way towards the western limb and will soon begin to rotate out of direct Earth view. A new sunspot appears to be forming this morning in the southeast quadrant within the remnants of old Sunspot 1703 from the previous rotation. There will continue to be a chance for C-Class solar flares today and perhaps an isolated M-Class event. Sunspots 1718 and 1719 are both in a geoeffective position for possible Earth directed explosions.