Posted by Co2sceptic on Aug 10th 2011
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To all federal MP's, reputable journalists, friends:

Professor Murry Salby's lecture recorded by the Sydney Institute confirms again that global CO2 levels are a result of temperature, not a cause. Claims by Gillard-Brown-Combet-Milne-Plibersek-Wong are lies*.

The Galileo Movement last month provided two short pages of Basic Facts on carbon dioxide (CO2): pages 1 & 2

Salby's work reinforces this summary. The material though has been known by scientists for decades.

Examining the Gillard-Brown message below reveals why Australians comprehensively reject Julia Gillard. She has fabricated a situation that is irretrievable.

Measurements of global CO2 levels used by the UN reveal that CO2 levels are a result of temperature, not a cause. CO2 does not drive temperature. Temperature determines CO2 levels. Yet the government and Greens tells us the opposite. Saying CO2 drives temperature is the biggest … lie.

Each molecule of carbon dioxide combines an atom of carbon with two atoms of oxygen. Calling Nature’s invisible gas 'carbon pollution'—a black solid—is a … lie.

CO2 is less than 0.04% of Earth’s air. Less than 4 x 1/100th’s of one percent. Scientifically, it’s called a trace gas because there’s bugger-all of it. Calling it pollution is a … lie.

Of Earth’s annual production of carbon dioxide human activity (industry, transport, farming) produces just 3%, Nature 32 times more, 97%. Calling it pollution is a … lie.

Of that 3% from humans, Aussie activity produces just 1.0-1.3%. Saying Aussies affect global climate is a … lie.

The variation alone in Nature’s production of CO2 is estimated to be four times the entire human production. We are not affecting the balance. We cannot. Calling it pollution is a … lie.

When Nature’s 97% is known to be essential for all life on Earth, how can 3% be catastrophic? It cannot. It’s insane, crooked. Calling it pollution is a ... lie.

CO2 stays in the air only 5-7 years, sometimes just months. Nature rapidly cycles it back into plants, animals and oceans. Calling it pollution is a … lie.

71% of Earth’s surface is ocean. Ours is a blue planet. It’s not the Greens. It’s ours.

Oceans contain, in dissolved form, 50 times the CO2 in Earth’s entire atmosphere. CO2 is released from and absorbed into the oceans according to temperature.

Annually, Nature overwhelmingly produces most of Earth’s CO2 and Nature alone determines the amount in air.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is Nature’s colourless, odourless, tasteless gas. Essential for all life on Earth—including us. Trees need CO2 to live. Crops need CO2 to live. We need trees and crops. You’re exhaling CO2 now. It’s not poisonous. Calling it pollution is a … lie*.

Axe the Tax.

For a short yet comprehensive assessment of CO2 against criteria characterising pollutants, please refer pages 3 & 4 of The Galileo Movement document.

*Lie: knowingly or recklessly stating something that is not true creating a false or inaccurate impression.

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