Posted by Co2sceptic on Dec 23rd 2011
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Dear all

I'm taking time out with my family over the Christmas Holiday, please stay tuned to the Climate Realists Twitter Account for any major news stories.

May I wish you all a Happy Christmas and thank you for the support

Back in a few days


PS From me to you for Christmas

There are two YouTubes below - Dangerous Curves by King Crimson.

It's the same Instrumental split into two parts, the first played in Rock and the second Orchestral, I hope you like at least one of them if not both

King Crimson-Dangerous Curves vs THX 1138.

(Very odd, my original YouTube posting was removed over Christmas!!)

New Music now with film clips from THX 1138 (a 1971 science fiction film, directed by George Lucas and produced by Francis Ford Copolla, and starring Robert Duvall & Donald Pleasence).

King Crimson Dangerous Curves Orchestral Version


Be a "Climate Realists"

Image AttachmentSince our launch in 2008 under the name of we have been completely funded by you and not as others wish you to believe, from Oil or Energy companies .

The new site name change ( in 2009 was widely accepted into the "skeptic" community as being identifiable to those of us who oppose the AGW theory. We are very proud that the name "Climate Realist" has now become recognized as a world wide term and is a constant source of irritation to the other side who would like to think that they are the real "Climate Realists". So much so that Google has resorted to misdirect their search engine away from this description.

Unlike most of the media platforms has no funding other then through the "Google" adverts or by donations (isn't that ironic!)

Your support so far has enabled us to hit a regular viewing target of between 3-4,000 people per day and this year has been our best so far. In 2012 we will update the site and server in the hope that we can continue to put out the "Climate Realists" side of the Climate argument to even more people.

To achieve this we need your financial support, each person that makes a donation, no matter how big or small, will be listed onto the "Climate Realist" left hand side bar.

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Many thanks for the support and have a Happy Christmas and Good Year

Gabriel (co2sceptic)