Posted by Co2sceptic on Mar 28th 2012
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Many of you took my advice about seeing the DONT MISS: Opposing Views: BBC TV: Horizon: Global Weirding Tuesday 21:00 (UK)

Including ToryAardvark, who did an excellent Twitter commentary:

hmm #bbc2 global weirding prepare for #agw propaganda

#bbc2 weather was more extreme in 1930s and 1940s

#horizon extreme weather events have declined 90% since 1920s

#horizon how many hurricanes a have made US land fall since 2007?

Updated below with MUST READ comments from Stephen Wilde

#horizon where is the empirical evidence that ocean temperatures have risen?

#horizon could is not an models have been calibrated against what data? records used in the #agw scam start in 1979

#horizon If its fast becoming as bad as the dust bowl, how can it be the worst on record?

#horizon your guru James Hansen says record years have no scientific importance

#horizon leading climate scientist LMFAO

#horizon planet was 2.5c warmer in the Middle Age Warming period...explain the weather hysteria

#horizon deserts are receding not increasing more lies

#horizon temperatures were lower during the little ice age

#horizon UK Met Office - warming alarmist central, cant forecast weather 4 weeks in advance

#horizon don't tell me #agw screws up violins

#horizon beware the dubious tree ring fantasy to support hockey stick

#horizon dare you to mention phil jones and the CRU

#horizon OMG #bbc admit that the big orange ball in the sky is a driver of climate

#horizon if Arctic is warming why is polar ice expanding twice size of Texas in last 5 years

#horizon Arctic Sea Ice is not at a record low

#horizon why is there likely to be more global weiridng? empirical peer reviewed evidence is where?

#horizon twice what they used to be? what did they used to be to quantify your statement

#horizon Global Warming, Climate Change, Climate Disruption & now Weather Weirding? How about we give up and admit its all a scam #bbc

#horizon this program should be released back into the sewer system. More unfounded fear stories, sea levels are decreasing say NASA sats

#horizon Met Office I say to you Barbecue Summer

#horizon script by the IPCC 5th assessment report

#horizon not this program is a plug more a bigger computer for the Met Orifice

#horizon pathetic last gasp climate change drivel

#horizon climate change no danger to planet....hmmm that's a change in story

#horizon you wonder why belief in Climate Religion is declining after a load of alarmist drivel that you have just broadcast

Many thanks


Twitter link:!/ToryAardvark